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For better understanding of the requested medical data while filling SPACE REGISTRY case report form, Question Tabs " were added for immediate data illustrations.


  Because We Care About Your Patient

Our concern for your patient health has led to the launch of SPACE Registry.  SPACE Registry Phase-II is your electronic gate for your patients' cases registry archive as well as the secured & liable data entry interface for  better results and valuable analysis outcome.

As a positive step to make this registry more dynamic & accurate while filling your patient form, we have published this project on the web for better accessibility and time saving factors. On the other hand, keeping

up the extreme security measures was considered to be the umbrella

that reflects a complete encryption for all data during entry and submission.


  SPACE PHASE-II is a web-based clinical

registry & analysis platform initiated by

Dr. Khalid F. AlHabib

The principal investigator of SPACE Registry

 Assistant Professor of Medicine and Head of Cardiology Dept. at King Fahad Cardiac Center, King Khalid University Hospital , King Saud university.

Riyadh - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

It was developed for reporting acute coronary events in Saudi Arabian medical centers and engineered to facilitate the coronary events registry protocols. Hence, increasing the base of collected data and improving the quality of relevant study outcome.


SPACE electronic Case Report Form (CRF) was developed to precisely capture all pre-requested patients' clinical data, retrieval, and clinical data analysis management.

SPACE has a definite structure for its

method of running the coronary events clinical research that dedicates the accuracy and emphasizes the development of secure and extensible clinical data management.

SPACE PHASE-II platform caliper meets all clinical research standards starting from its architecture, then passing by all related defined protocols including the protection of patients' health information and ending by valuable & indicative analysis results.


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The Saudi Project For Assessment Of Coronary Events (SPACE) is a national quality improvement registry whose mission is to minimize disability and reduce death rate of the patients suffering from acute coronary syndrome.


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